The RainmakerDNA Leadership Team - Linda Stimac, CFP®
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Linda’s important contribution to the financial services industry has been to help thousands of financial advisors become expert facilitators of decision making. During a time of cataclysmic change in the role of the financial advisor and the nature of their business models, Linda’s work has been critical to the success and survival of the many financial services organizations that have engaged her, either in an executive management capacity or as an external consultant.

An advisor pioneer, Linda helped to develop the team structure and client approach that define the industry today. She was a principal in one of the first comprehensive wealth management firms in the mid to late 1980’s, long before it became the model of choice that we enjoy today. Although Linda’s industry entry point was in 1981 at a conventional broker dealer, it was her unconventional marketing methods (teaching investment classes, authoring a newspaper column, teaching seminars for women and creating and hosting a financial cable television show) that made her a standout success during a time when women were unlikely financial advisors. It is her real world experience that causes today’s advisors to seek Linda’s wisdom, and listen and implement what they learn from her.

In 1989, after years of advising individual financial clients, Linda brought her advisory acumen directly to financial advisors themselves, and has been helping to shape the direction of the advisory business ever since. In this role, Linda’s career has been a rich blend of external consulting and selected “tours of duty” within leading edge financial companies and professional associations. Linda served as VP of Professional Development for Merrill Lynch’s Estate Planning Division, as Chief Learning Officer for Securian Financial Services and as Head of Strategic Marketing for Sun Life Financial. In 2007, Linda was recruited by Financial Network Investment Corporation to create and lead its Practice Management initiative, a unique program Linda developed that is often referred to as the “Harvard Business School” for financial advisors.

Consulting with independent financial advisors in the past several years has added a new dimension to Linda’s consulting expertise. Today Linda helps senior leaders of financial advisory practices with a number of projects, including making changes to business model and services, clarifying roles and designing positions, enlisting next generation rainmakers, and preparing the organization to support the founder in assuming a new leadership role – one that involves working remotely, working less, or working on different aspects of the business.

RainmakerDNA™ is the capstone of Linda’s achievement in the financial services industry. The fifth version of RainmakerDNA™, the celebrated web-based assessment and advisor development program, was released in 2010 and is now available to financial advisors, financial institutions, colleges and universities and consultants/recruiters through a unique multiple portal access at The program is diagnostic, predictive and prescriptive in its approach, and its blended learning program was successfully validated by “gold standard” financial organizations beginning in 1996. At the FPA 2010 Conference in Denver, CO, Linda was invited to share the results of more than fifteen years of research into the makeup of bona fide, successful Rainmakers and highlight which of these elements have never been more important in light of recent trends in business development within the financial services industry.

Linda graduated Summa Cum Laude from Bemidji State University, Bemidji, MN, and was chosen for foreign study at Oxford University, Oxford, England, during her senior year. She and her husband John live in Santa Monica, CA. They enjoy adventures in fitness, travel, and environmental action with daughter Sara, who is VP Legal Affairs for ICM, a leading talent and literary agency in Los Angeles.